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Rare mystery HoVR™ boxes

Get your hands on one of the few exclusive mystery loot boxes. Each box is loaded with a rare alpha H0VR™ board, which you can use to show off your skills or depravity across all metaverses deployed on YOM.

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Get your hands on a rare H0VR™ board
Join in exclusive metaverse events
Join races - win collectables
Partake in token giveaway lottery


H0VR™ board owners receive access to exclusive and rewarding hoverboard races and events.

We will distribute 60.000 in our next race to H0VR™ board hodlers.

Outside of our races, your H0VR™ board works for flight on any metaverse hosted on YOM.

Unlock gated access

Explore exclusive virtual events, airdrops, competitions and unlock gated access to more exclusive spaces. The future of entertainment, accessed and interacted with together with your hoverboard.

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Traverse the metaverse

Surf the digital waves of the metaverse on a gleaming hoverboard! As you traverse metaverses hosted on YOM, you'll be able to explore stunning new landscapes and discover hidden secrets that have been waiting for you to be discovered.

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JOIn exclusive races

Experience the thrill of the race with your own NFT hoverboard! Compete with other players in a race to the finish line, collecting points and unlocking NFT add-ons for your board along the way.



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